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Victoria has extensive experience in the hospitality industry, previously leading 5 multi-purpose venues over 6 years throughout Northern Ireland.  During this time Victoria was shortlisted for and won the Northern Ireland Young Director of the Year 2018.

Growing up in an entrepreneurial family environment, she has been transitioning into the property world over the past number of years. 

Victoria is responsible for the sales, brand development, evolution, and site acquisition within the company.  She is currently studying real estate, economics and finance at London School of Economics, having previously completed a mini-MBA at William J Institute.


Victoria's passion are renewables and interiors. Her most recent concept is Mayfair Zero incorporating the two industries together. She has set a goal to build 500 net zero homes in five years!


Victoria also founded Mayfair Residential which is an online 3 step process to buying your home online. The future-friendly schemes will be equipped with integrated solar panels, solar battery storage systems and electric vehicle charge points as well as smart grid technology. This will allow solar energy to be produced during the day to power homes and cars, and any energy not being used will be stored. The stored energy can then be used when needed in the evening.

Phase one of the first Mayfair Zero development sold out within 60 seconds of being released at the beginning of this month. As well as lowering their carbon footprint, new homeowners in Thorburn Gate, located off the Antrim Road in North Belfast will save up to £380 a year on their electricity bills at a time when energy costs continue to soar.

Ulster Tatler recently recognised Victoria's phenomenal work, awarding here Northern Ireland Business Woman of the Year 2021 in October 2021.

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