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Mayfair Group delighted to announce sale of Henley Cultra

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Northern Irish construction & investment firm Mayfair Group announce completed sales of Henley Cultra

Mayfair Group have been developing the waterfront site, Henley, in Cultra for 2 years.

Mayfair partner, Victoria Patterson, explained that the firm had recently completed off plan sale of the last unit overlooking Belfast Lough. The overall project had units ranging in prices from £825,000 to over £1million.

"We have been delighted in the trust placed in Mayfair Group to purchase these properties completely off plan, especially given the current economic environment"

Construction Partner, Martin Taggart, talking on the impacts of Brexit, said the firm had noticed some recent challenges in materials logistics.

"This is an issue that we foresaw and have been actively working with partners to preempt any issues. We're glad that our forward planning has meant that we have been able to complete the project ahead of schedule and to an exceptional standard of finish"

Victoria Patterson went on to say that Mayfair Group have other sites in development.

"We're working on four current sites in Northern Ireland, two in the planning stage. as well as this we have five developments planned in mainland U.K."

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